Southern Living and Urban Elegance At Richmond Hills, Lebanon, TN

Richmond Hills, Lebanon, TN Community Guide


Located in the heart of Lebanon, TN, the Richmond Hills community is a thriving and growing neighborhood offering a comfortable and convenient place to call home. Get to know why it has become a popular choice for families, retirees, and young professionals.


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Richmond Hills Home Sizes and Values

Richmond Hills is a great place to start your search if you’re looking for a new home in Lebanon, TN. For families or those who value the privacy and space provided by a standalone property, the community boasts an impressive selection of single-family homes that range in size, style, and price point. Houses can sell for anywhere from $400,000 to $1.15 million. Many properties are spacious and well-appointed, with sizes starting at 2,800 square feet. They feature two to three bedrooms and two to four bathrooms, making them an excellent choice for families or those who value space and privacy. Standard lot sizes range from 0.46 to 0.73 acres, offering plenty of outdoor and recreation space.

Vacant Lots at Richmond Hills Lebanon TN

Plenty of vacant lots are available in Richmond Hills, Lebanon, TN, for those interested in building a custom home. These lots are often sold for between $149,000 and $165,000, depending on the size and location of the property. With a few undeveloped lands for sale averaging 0.50 acres, there’s plenty of room for you to bring your dream home to life.

Strong Sense of Belonging

The most unique aspect of Richmond Hills is the strong sense of community that permeates the neighborhood. From block parties to volunteer opportunities and local organizations, there are plenty of ways for residents to get involved and make a difference. It also hosts various activities throughout the year that unite residents. From the annual Easter egg hunt and Fourth of July parade to the annual fall festival, there’s always something to look forward to.

Volunteer Opportunities at Richmond Hills Lebanon TN

For those who want to give back to the community, Richmond Hills offers a range of volunteer opportunities through the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce. Whether you’re interested in volunteering at a local food bank or helping with a cleanup project, there are plenty of ways to contribute and make a positive impact.

Commitment to Safety

Richmond Hills understands that a true home is not just a physical space; it’s a haven where families thrive without the constant worry of safety. The commitment to providing a secure environment is evident in the meticulous planning and community initiatives. It is where families can flourish, and individuals can find respite from the world’s uncertainties. Whether you’re watching your children grow, building a life with a loved one, or enjoying the tranquility of your own company, the safety measures ensure that your peace of mind is a priority.


Richmond Hills ‘ Gateway to Connectivity

One of Richmond Hills, Lebanon, TN’s many charms lies in its strategic location. It’s a hub that puts you at the center of accessibility, making every journey a breeze.

Minutes Away from Major Highways at Richmond Hills Lebanon TN

Richmond Hills is just minutes from the intersection of I-40 and I-840 for those who cherish the freedom of the open road. These major highways are not just routes but gateways to endless possibilities. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend road trip, commuting to work, or simply exploring the scenic landscapes of Tennessee, the proximity to these highways places the entire region within your reach.

A Stone’s Throw from Music City Star Train Station

Imagine the luxury of having the Music City Star train station practically at your doorstep. Richmond Hills brings you this convenience, making your daily commute or weekend explorations an effortless experience. Whether you’re heading to work in downtown Nashville or planning a leisurely trip to the city’s vibrant heart, the train station’s proximity transforms travel into a hassle-free affair. You’re seamlessly linked to the rhythm of the surrounding areas.

Swift Connections through Nashville International Airport

Air travel becomes a seamless experience with the proximity of Nashville International Airport (BNA) to Richmond Hills, Lebanon, TN. In less than 30 minutes, you can find yourself at the airport, ready to embark on your next adventure or welcome loved ones with utmost convenience. It breaks down barriers and makes the world feel like an extension of the neighborhood.


Feel the Pulse of Middle Tennessee in Richmond Hills Lebanon TN

Richmond Hills is a gateway to a vibrant and bustling downtown area just 10 minutes away. It offers shopping, dining, and entertainment possibilities.

Daily Essentials Within Reach

Need to stock up on essentials or craving a culinary adventure? Richmond Hills ensures that everything is within easy reach. A short drive leads you to major grocery stores, including Publix, Kroger, and Walmart SuperCenter. Imagine the ease of having your favorite supermarket just a quick drive away.

Retail Therapy Redefined

Stroll down quaint streets lined with unique shops, each offering a curated selection of items. From one-of-a-kind fashion pieces to handcrafted home decor, downtown Lebanon transforms shopping into a delightful treasure hunt. Whether searching for the perfect statement piece or seeking a gift that speaks volumes, these boutiques offer items for diverse tastes and styles.

Culinary Delights for Every Palate

The downtown dining scene is a symphony of flavors, with locally-owned cafes, diners, and well-known chain restaurants composing the perfect melody. Speedy Burrito tempts with its zesty Mexican offerings, Sammy B’s Restaurant and Catering invites you to indulge in Southern comfort, and Los Compadres offers authentic Mexican cuisine. Cedar City Brewing Company takes pride in its craft, offering a selection of finely brewed beers from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts. The variety caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that whether you’re a foodie on the hunt for the latest culinary trends or someone who craves the comforting classics, there is a seat waiting for you.

Live Performances and Events in Richmond Hills Lebanon TN

The Capitol Theatre is a cultural hub, hosting diverse live performances and events. From musical concerts that echo through the historic walls to theatrical productions that captivate audiences, the venue brings the community together to celebrate the arts. Whether you’re a fan of classic films or eager to experience the excitement of a live show, the Capitol Theatre offers a unique and enriching entertainment experience.

Make Richmond Hills, Lebanon, TN, your home by visiting and start your journey to a life of timeless and metropolitan charm.

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