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A new year has begun. A period of time when people prioritize returning to health. For many, that entails picking up cooking again or going back to the gym. But one important thing that we should not neglect is SLEEP!

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Sleep is a vital component of wellness that WE ALL frequently overlook! The mattress beneath your back serves as the primary basis for restful sleep that our bodies need to function properly every day. I’m happy to share with everyone that I bought my bed from a local, family-run company that has been producing mattresses in the USA for over 30 years, Shovlin Mattress!

Today, we will follow the success of the Shovlin Family’s success in their Shovlin Mattress business. Let’s go!

The Beginning of Making One of the Best Mattresses in America

The Shovlin family has owned the Shovlin Mattress Factory (previously The Mattress Factory) in Fanwood since 1987. The factory was formerly situated in Garwood before relocating to its present location in Fanwood, NJ.

At the age of thirteen, Ron Shovlin started off working at the factory before his parents even purchased it! Ron assumed the role of principal owner of the family business in 2008 and has since led it to unprecedented success.

Ron and his spouse, Kara, were raised in Westfield and currently bring up their kids there as well. As the manager of Shovlin Mattress Factory’s marketing and social media, Kara is also actively involved in the family business. To highlight how unique Shovlin is from other big-box mattress stores and to expose their brand to the local community, they recently established a pop-up store on Quimby Street in downtown Westfield.

Many of you, I’m sure, were unaware that all of Shovlin’s mattresses are manufactured in-house in their Fanwood plant! Yes, they exclusively sell their brand of mattresses. They use premium materials that are more durable and perform better than those found in big-box stores. One feature that sets Shovlin apart is the use of a 2-sided inner spring design in their mattresses, allowing them to be FLIPPED for extended durability. (Go ahead and inquire about the number of beds at a big-box retailer; you’ll likely get a negligible or nonexistent response.)

One of Shovlin’s best-selling mattresses is the iconic “Nirvana.” Though it is comparable to the Tempurpedic, the Nirvana is superior since it is made from the best latex materials available. This mattress will absolutely give you the best sleeping experience that you haven’t experienced in your life!

What’s more, you may CUSTOMIZE Shovlin mattresses to fit your preferences! (How many mattresses out there in the market can be customized?) “Any mattresses in our showroom can be adjusted to be firmer, softer, etc.,” according to Ron. “We can change it to meet your requirements.” is the statement that really emphasized their purpose and what their product can do.

We bought a California king trip-zone pillow top with additional lumbar support for our primary bedroom, and we couldn’t be happier with it. It truly is a bespoke mattress.

Additionally, Shovlin’s client experience differs significantly from that of other mattress retailers. As soon as you enter their showroom, you’ll realize that you need to be approached by a salesperson like those who sell secondhand cars. Ron claims: “We don’t pay our staff on commission. Our group cultivates connections with clients. We have an open discussion with you to find out about your unique requirements and sleeping patterns. There isn’t a single mattress that works for everyone.” The Shovlin method of gentle pressure selling is obviously effective because a staggering 80% of their revenue comes from recommendations or repeat business!

Speaking of clients, you might be surprised to learn who has been Shovlin Mattress Factory’s most devoted clientele. None other than the FIREMEN! More than 200,000 of New Jersey’s Bravest receive the best night’s sleep thanks to Shovlin mattresses. Ron has carved out a niche for himself in the firefighting profession and continues to be the #1 supplier of beds to firehouses in the state.

Even the strongest and bravest men with difficult tasks can attest to the comfort that Shovlin Mattress provides. It’s not just me; we are many guys!

More About Their Business and Products

In addition to offering top-notch mattresses, Shovlin Mattress Factory provides an extensive selection of bed frames, including conventional, day, trundle, bunk, platform, and more types of beds. They sell some furniture, pillows, sheets, and mattress coverings. They deliver quickly and remove your old box spring and mattress for free.

A fascinating fact about Shovlin Mattress Factory is that they have never had a sale. Never! Since their clients are actually purchasing mattresses directly from the factory, they don’t need to have sales, and as a result, there isn’t price inflation like there is at chain stores. That kind of openness and justice in business is something I value. Financing programs are currently available as well.

And when you go to their shop, you will observe the close bond they share with each other. The reason the staff at Shovlin seems to be so close is that many of them have enjoyed working with Ron and his family for ten, twenty, or even thirty years! Ron expresses, “We truly feel like a family here, and we celebrate each other’s birthdays, milestones, and accomplishments.” The Shovlin family’s generosity is not limited to the factory; they are actively involved in the community, sponsoring townwide events for charity and collaborating with groups like Habitat for Humanity and Furniture Assist.

Overall, their business flourished because of their dedication to providing quality products to their valued customers. Their vast selection of products allows their client to explore and find exactly what they need for a better quality of life, not just sleep! Therefore, whether you’re dealing with back pain or sleep disturbances or simply looking for an upgrade, Shovlin Mattress has got your back!

Wrap Up

Quality is of utmost importance at Shovlin Mattress. They offer mattresses from trusted manufacturers known for their durability and comfort. Customers can rest assured that they are investing in a product that will provide long-lasting satisfaction.

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