Homes for Sale in Fort Mohave, AZ

Homes for Sale in Fort Mohave, AZ

If you’ve ever dreamt of a tranquil suburban lifestyle amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Mohave Valley, then Fairway Estates might be the place you’ve been looking for. Tucked away in the southernmost edges of the region, this sought-after community is adjacent to the serene Cimarron Lake and offers an escape from bustling city life. Join us as we explore the allure of homes for sale in Fort Mohave, AZ, and what makes Fairway Estates a gem in this picturesque corner of The Grand Canyon State.

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The Serene Ambiance of Fort Mohave Homes, AZ

As you step into the Fairway Estates community, a serene ambiance will welcome you. It offers a pleasant retreat from the busy urban zones, allowing residents to unwind and savor the tranquility of their surroundings.

Natural Beauty
What sets Fairway Estates apart is its perfect blend of natural beauty and modern living. Imagine seeing panoramic views of the Mohave Valley, with the desert’s rugged elegance as your backdrop. It’s a place where you can reconnect with nature while enjoying the comforts of home.

River Access from Fort Mohave Homes
The proximity to the Colorado River is a significant draw for water enthusiasts. Easy river access lets you enjoy boating, fishing, and other water-based activities.

Tranquil Outdoor Spaces
Fairway Estates boasts a range of community amenities that enhance your living experience. The community is laid out with quiet cul-de-sac lots dotted with well-built single-family home models. Many homes have good-sized patios, perfect for enjoying the desert’s cool evenings. You can also bask in the warm desert sun while enjoying the crystal-clear waters of your private pool. Invite friends and family for memorable gatherings, pool parties, and B.B.Q.s in this entertainer’s paradise.

Custom Paradise
One of the unique features of Fairway Estates is the availability of vacant lots for purchase. If you’ve always dreamed of designing your custom home from the ground up, this is your opportunity. These parcels allow residents to create a property that aligns with their vision. Some lots offer amazing mountainous views, adding to the charm of your desert oasis.

Desert Adventure Meets River Serenity

When you choose to make Fairway Estates, Fort Mohave, Arizona, your home, you’re not just selecting a house but embracing an entire lifestyle. Adventure and serenity coexist harmoniously when the hot sands of the Mojave Desert meet the Colorado River’s cool waters. Let’s dive deeper and explore the destinations and activities that await you in this desert paradise.

The Colorado River as a Playground for Water Adventures

The centerpiece of the Mohave Valley lifestyle is undoubtedly the majestic Colorado River. Its tranquil waters wind through the desert landscape, offering many aquatic activities. Picture yourself at the helm of a boat, the gentle current guiding your way. Whether you own a boat or decide to rent one, you’ll have the freedom to explore the river’s meandering channels, uncovering hidden coves and sandy beaches perfect for picnics and relaxation. It’s a chance to reconnect with nature while cruising along the cool, azure waters. The Colorado River is also a fisherman’s paradise. Cast your line into its depths, and you might reel in bass, catfish, and other fish species that call these waters home. It’s a way to savor the peaceful moments by the banks, waiting for that exciting tug on your line. If you prefer a more heart-pumping action, renting a jet ski is the way to go. Feel the wind in your hair as you zip across the water’s surface. The open river provides ample space for thrilling jet ski adventures.

Explore the Desert Beauty

While the river takes center stage, the surrounding desert offers its own kind of beauty and adventure. The Mohave Valley is a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts where one can explore the trails that crisscross the region. The John Hohstadt Interpretive Nature Trail is a moderate hiking experience that will satisfy your wanderlust. You’ll encounter a dynamic landscape that transitions from sandy terrain to rocky vistas, making every step a unique adventure. For those who crave a challenging desert adventure, the Mohave Milltown West Trailhead beckons. This track takes you through the historic corridor of the Mohave and Milltown Railroads, surrounded by the stark beauty of desert mountains and plateaus. Be prepared for a rugged journey, as the track’s surface is composed of rough ballast. This makes it ideal for advanced mountain bikers and seasoned hikers ready to conquer the demanding topography. An adjacent path caters to off-road vehicle enthusiasts and equestrians. This means the trailhead area is often bustling with fellow adventurers, adding to the sense of camaraderie in the desert. To enjoy this challenging adventure, plan your visit between September and May when the weather is more forgiving. The cooler temperatures make for a more comfortable experience.

Golf Courses Around Fort Mohave Homes, AZ

Willow Springs Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the convenient location of Willow Springs Golf Course, a small but charming golf course just a short drive south of the neighborhood. With 9 holes and a par 27, it’s perfect for beginners and seasoned golfers.


El Rio Golf Club

For those seeking a more challenging golfing experience, El Rio Golf Club is located northwest of the community. This magnificent 18-hole championship golf course designed by Matt Dye offers stunning views and a Spanish mission-style clubhouse with a spacious dining room, bar, patio, and private meeting spaces.


Los Lagos Golf Club

If you’re looking for variety, head to Los Lagos Golf Club. It is the newest course in the Tri-state area and boasts an impressive 18-hole Ted Robinson Sr. design. The course layout was sculpted from the desert terrain of the Colorado River Valley and includes four sets of tees and gorgeous mountain views from every tee box. It’s a golfer’s paradise with championship public golf, a complete practice facility, and the most extensive banquet facilities.

Homes in Fairway Estates, Fort Mohave, AZ, offer a unique blend of natural beauty, community amenities, and outdoor adventures. Embrace the Mohave Valley lifestyle, where the hot sands of the Mojave Desert meet the calm waters of the Colorado River. 

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